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Why Seal your Driveway with Prime

At Prime Concrete Coatings, we sure understand the importance of your driveway. It isn’t just a pathway; it’s a symbol of durability, looks, and value. Our driveway sealing services offer a complete solution to protect and enhance the lifespan and appearance of your driveway, parking lot, or concrete surface.

Sealed concrete driveways require less frequent pavement maintenance and can better withstand the wear and tear of vehicle traffic and seasonal weather changes in Kelowna, and the Central Okanagan Valley British Columbia, Canada.

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Why Choose Driveway Sealing?

Driveway sealing is a crucial step in keeping your concrete surfaces in top-notch shape.

Our specialized sealing process comes with a bunch of benefits, ensuring your driveway stands strong against the test of time while looking its best. No matter if your driveway faces the elements, heavy traffic, or daily wear, our sealing services provide the protection it deserves.

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Weather the Elements

Our sealing process strengthens your floors, protecting them from daily wear and the Okanagan's harsh freeze/thaw cycles. This ensures longevity in the face of demanding weather conditions.

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Prioritizing Safety

Our premium sealers incorporate slip-resistant features. This additional layer of safety guards against accidents, particularly in wet or icy conditions, providing you with peace of mind.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Our Driveway Sealing solutions not only safeguard but enhance your space's visual allure. We offer various custom finishes to suit your style.

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Stain Resistance

Our protective barrier repels spills and stains, making sure your floors, walkways, and parking lots stay pristine – even when life gets messy.

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Easy Maintenance

We prioritize hassle-free upkeep, offering surfaces that are effortless to clean, saving you time on maintenance.

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Enhanced Durability

Our sealing services protect your concrete from unsightly scratches and cracks, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting surface.

Prime’s Driveway Sealing Process

Embarking on a journey of transformation calls for a well-thought-out process that combines precision, care, and expertise. At Prime Concrete Coatings, we’ve perfected this process to deliver outstanding results that elevate your property. Here’s how we breathe new life into your concrete surfaces.

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Driveway Sealing FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sealing your Driveway

Driveway sealing offers protection against weather, chemicals, and wear, extending the life of your driveway while enhancing its appearance.
Sealing is recommended when the weather is dry, and temperatures are moderate. Summer, spring, and fall are often ideal times for driveway sealing.
The duration depends on the size of your driveway and the specific products used. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.
Most driveways benefit from resealing every 2 to 3 years, but this can vary depending on factors like climate, usage, and the quality of the previous seal.
Typically, you should avoid walking or driving on the newly sealed surface for at least 24 hours to allow the sealant to properly cure.
While sealing can help prevent small cracks from becoming larger, it’s not a guarantee against all cracking. Regular maintenance is still important.
While DIY driveway sealing kits are available, professional sealing services often provide more thorough and long-lasting results.
Leave the cleaning to us! Our expert crew at Prime Concrete Sealing will take care of cleaning your driveway before sealing it. A clean surface is essential for proper adhesion. We will pressure wash and clean away any debris before sealing.
Sealing can help prevent minor cracks from worsening, but it won’t repair major cracks. Larger cracks might need specific repair work before sealing.
There are various sealers available, including acrylic-based, water-based, and penetrating sealers. The choice depends on factors like climate and the driveway’s condition.
The cost varies depending on factors like the size of your driveway, the type of sealer used, and the condition of the surface. It’s best to request an estimate.
Sealing can enhance the natural colors of your driveway and provide a subtle shine, making it look well-maintained.
Applying multiple coats can lead to a thick and uneven surface. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application.
A properly applied sealer should not make the driveway overly slippery. However, it’s important to choose the right type of sealer to maintain traction.

Ready to Transform Your Driveway?

Get in touch with Prime Concrete Coatings today for a free consultation and discover how our driveway sealing services can enhance the beauty, resilience, and value of your property.

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