Is Your Epoxy Flooring Peeling? Discover Why Proper Preparation is Key to Avoid Delamination

Epoxy flooring peeling off concrete

Epoxy flooring is a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial spaces, offering durability, aesthetic appeal, and easy maintenance. However, one of the most common issues that arise with epoxy flooring is delamination, where the epoxy coating separates from the concrete surface. At Prime Concrete Coatings, we’ve seen firsthand how crucial proper preparation is to prevent this problem.

The Problem with DIY and Subpar Companies

Epoxy delamination is often the result of improper surface preparation. Unfortunately, this issue is all too common among DIY enthusiasts and less reputable companies. DIYers may lack the proper tools and expertise to adequately prepare the concrete surface, while some companies may cut corners to save time and money, leading to poor results.

When the surface isn’t properly prepared, the epoxy cannot adhere effectively. This results in the epoxy lifting, bubbling, and eventually peeling away from the concrete. Delamination not only ruins the look of your flooring but also compromises its durability and functionality.

Our Comprehensive Preparation Process

At Prime Concrete Coatings, we take preparation seriously. Our process ensures that your epoxy flooring will last, providing a flawless finish that stands the test of time. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Thorough Assessment: We start with a detailed assessment of your existing concrete surface. This involves evaluating its condition and identifying any necessary repairs. Cracks, spalls, and other imperfections need to be addressed before we can proceed.
  2. Concrete Repair: Any identified issues are repaired to create a smooth, stable base for the epoxy coating. This step is crucial to ensure that the surface is ready for the next stages of preparation.
  3. Shot Blasting or Grinding: To create a textured surface that maximizes epoxy adhesion, we use advanced techniques like shot blasting or hand grinding. These methods effectively remove contaminants, open up the concrete pores, and create a profile that the epoxy can grip onto.
  4. Cleaning and Vacuuming: After shot blasting or grinding, we thoroughly clean and vacuum the surface to remove dust and debris. This step is essential to ensure that nothing interferes with the epoxy’s ability to bond to the concrete.
  5. Moisture Testing: Excess moisture in the concrete can cause the epoxy to bubble and delaminate. We perform moisture testing to ensure that the concrete is dry enough for epoxy application. If moisture levels are too high, we take the necessary steps to mitigate this issue.
  6. Epoxy Application: With the surface fully prepared, we apply the epoxy coating. Our team uses high-quality materials and techniques to ensure a smooth, even application that looks great and performs well.

The Benefits of Proper Preparation

By following this meticulous preparation process, we ensure that your epoxy flooring will be durable, attractive, and long-lasting. Proper preparation prevents delamination, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements down the line. It also ensures that the flooring can withstand heavy traffic, impacts, and chemical spills, making it an excellent investment for any space.

Why Choose Prime Concrete Coatings?

When it comes to epoxy flooring, cutting corners is not an option. Choosing a professional, experienced company like Prime Concrete Coatings means you’re investing in quality and longevity. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, avoiding epoxy flooring delamination is all about proper surface preparation. DIYers and subpar companies often fail in this crucial step, leading to disappointing results. At Prime Concrete Coatings, our thorough preparation process ensures that your epoxy flooring will look great and perform exceptionally well for years to come.

If you’re considering epoxy flooring for your home or business, don’t leave it to chance. Contact our team today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve the perfect floor.

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