Commercial CONCRETE Sealing

Elevate Your Commercial Space with Prime

At Prime, we understand the significance of your commercial concrete surfaces. They aren’t just functional areas; they represent the durability, image, and value of your business. Our commercial sealing services offer a complete solution to protect and enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your concrete floors.

Concrete sealing creates a protective coating that helps prevent damage and avoid costly repairs from temperature changes, foot traffic, tire marks, and spills.

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Why Choose Commercial Sealing?

Sealing your commercial concrete surfaces is more than a routine task...

It’s an investment in the long-term quality and appearance of your property. Our specialized sealing process at Prime brings an array of benefits, ensuring your surfaces endure the test of time while looking their best.
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Weather Resistance

Our sealants establish a robust barrier against external elements, safeguarding your new concrete, commercial floors, or exposed aggregate surfaces from the impacts of weather, such as rain, UV rays, and frost.

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Crack Prevention

Our sealants effectively halt the expansion of existing cracks and prevent new ones, extending the life of your concrete surfaces and minimizing the need for extensive repairs.

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Enhanced Durability

Commercial sealing adds an extra protective layer, making your surfaces more resilient against heavy foot traffic, weather conditions, and daily wear.

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UV Protection

Our sealants are formulated with UV-resistant elements, safeguarding your surfaces against sun-induced fading and deterioration, ensuring they maintain their visual appeal.

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Chemical Repellent

Commercial concrete sealers are designed to repel chemicals, including oil and gasoline, preventing stains and surface damage while helping to maintain the pristine look of your property.

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Low Maintenance

Sealed surfaces are easier to clean and maintain, keeping dirt, debris, and stains at bay, making regular cleaning more efficient.

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Aesthetic Enhancement

Our commercial sealing process reveals the natural colors and textures of your surfaces, enhancing their visual appeal and giving them a well-maintained, polished look.

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Long-Term Savings

By shielding your surfaces from deterioration and damage, sealing significantly increases their lifespan, ultimately saving you money on costly replacements and repairs.

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By protecting your surfaces from deterioration, concrete floor sealers increase their lifespan, ultimately saving you money on costly replacements.

Prime’s Commercial Sealing Process

Transforming your commercial concrete surfaces into long-lasting, attractive assets requires a meticulous process. At Prime, we’ve perfected this process to deliver outstanding results that rejuvenate your property. Here’s how we breathe new life into your concrete surfaces.

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Commercial Sealing FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about Commercial Sealing

Commercial sealing offers protection against weather, chemicals, wear, and extends the life of your property’s surfaces while enhancing their appearance.
Sealing is recommended during dry, moderate-temperature seasons, ideally when your property will experience minimal use.
The duration varies based on property size and the specific products used but typically ranges from a few hours to a full day.
The frequency of reapplication depends on factors such as usage, previous sealing quality, and the specific demands of your property.

Ready to Elevate Your Property?

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