5 Quick Steps to get your Pool-Deck ready for Summer

Pool deck sealing ready for summer
As the Okanagan Summer quickly approaches after a long and exhausting COVID-19 winter, we have some quick and easy tips to ensure your pool deck is ready to go for a summer of back-yard fun!

Our team at Prime Concrete has compiled a short 5-Step process to follow each year as you open up your pool and patio. This quick step by step guide is specifically designed to ensure your concrete is properly cared for and to reduce the risk of serious visual and structural damage.

1) Walkthrough and Visual Inspection

Complete a walkthrough and visual scan of the entire pool-deck to identify any items such as newly formed stains, cracks, concrete scaling, dirt and residue build-up, decomposition of organic material, and general discolouration.

2) Document Areas of Concern

Make a detailed list of the items of concern identified during the walkthrough and visual inspection.

3) Remove Large Decorative Items from the Pool-Deck

Remove any planters, flower boxes, furniture, etc. that remained on the pool-deck throughout the winter. Visually inspect the area underneath the items that were removed from the pool-deck to identify any buildup of residue, organic material, or decomposition of the item itself.

NOTE: We do not recommend leaving items such as planters, flower boxes, furniture, or decorative items on your pool-deck throughout the winter months. Leaving these items on the pool-deck increases the risk of staining the concrete underneath the item(s).

4) Prepare the Pool-Deck for cleaning

Remove any buildup of dirt or decomposing organic material from the pool-deck using a pressure washer, blower, and/or brush. This will minimize the risk of new stains forming on the concrete deck by removing the dirt, organic material, and residue from the pores of the concrete.

5) Contact Prime Concrete

Ensure your concrete has been sealed within the last two years with a Professional Grade Premium Solvent based Acrylic sealer. If your pool-deck has not been sealed or you are unsure when it has been sealed last, please reach out to our team to have a free on-site consultation to make sure your concrete pool-deck is protected and ready for summer!

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