Prime Concrete Coatings, Inc.

Industrial Manufacturing Facilities


Prime Concrete Coatings  is one of the leading providers of commercial flooring for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Service include: epoxy floor coating, urethane flooring, wall and ceiling coatings, troweled mortars, polished concrete, traffic coatings, ESD flooring, chemical and water containment linings and water vapor moisture control. Industrial and manufacturing facilities rely on Prime Concrete Coatings to provide specialized coatings for kitchens, cafeterias, locker rooms, showers, restrooms, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, parking garages, aircraft hangars, computer labs and virtually anywhere requiring durable flooring that is attractive and easy to maintain and clean.


Welcome to Prime Concrete Coatings Services. Lic# 878840. We have over fifteen years of experience in Waterproofing, Specialty Flooring, Seamless Floor and Wall Systems Roof and Parking Deck Coatings, Under Tile Membranes, Concrete Sealers, Pool Decks, Commercial, Industrial. Read

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